Motorola showcases 10 best Moto 360 designs in Face-Off contest


    Motorola today announced it has trimmed its Moto 360 Face-Off submissions down to the top 10. After kicking off in mid-May, the hardware maker received more than 1,300 entries which run the gamut of simple and clean to outright busy and cluttered. A post on Google+ today tells us that now it’s up to us, the fans, to decide which will ultimately be crowned the victor and take home one of the first Moto 360 smartwatches. Indeed, these 10 finalists have already earned at least $50 in Google Play gift cards.

    Which one(s) do you like? We already see some running away from the pack, however there’s plenty of time to tip the scales. Thankfully, Motorola reserves the right to use any and all of these designs for their watch so perhaps we’ll get a few in the real world.

    To vote, open the Top 10 Finalists gallery, and simply +1 your favorite(s). You can vote on as many of them as you’d like. The winner will be the finalist with the most +1s when we conclude voting on June 24.