Mysterious Forest is raising the aesthetics of your Android Wear watch (Watch Face Review)

mysterious forest banner

Even though it’s a young product, Google has done a good job making Android Wear very powerful. There continues to be updates that add functionality to watches, but one of the most basic things you can do to your watch is customize how it looks. There are many apps on the Play Store that allow you to make your own watch faces and many that are pre-made faces.

Today we’re taking a look at Mysterious Forest, one of the best looking watch faces on the Play Store.

The entire focus of Mysterious Forest is to look good. It doesn’t have every indicator in the world because it focuses on aesthetics. You won’t find your watch’s battery percentage, your phone’s battery or the weather like some other faces. What you will find is a simple digital time near the top and a forest scene at the bottom.

mysterious forest display

Within the settings of the watch face you can choose the frequency of the big fireflies, small fireflies and bushes. These all have a direct impact on your battery life. Mysterious Forest makes sure to point out that the higher end options will suck your battery a little bit more. You also have the option to choose how detailed your ambient display is. I currently have it set to Gray Watch Face, which is the most detailed of the lot. The Grey Watch Face displays an outlined scene like a deer and the bushes or something else very basic that will still look good, even though it is minimal.  Alternately, you can choose Hours and Minutes, Simple Analog Time, Simple Digital Time (12 hour), and Simple Digital Time (24 hour).

mysterious forest ambient display

One of the more unique options about Mysterious Forest is that it will adapt to whatever kind of watch you have, whether that’s a round or square face. The app WatchMaster is integrated in this watch face. WatchMaster is a little more powerful than say an app like Facer. You get a few more options to customize watch faces.

Mysterious forest settings

Mysterious Forest is a great watch face to just sit and watch. It is definitely an attention getter and will impress your friends. It will also suck your battery. Using this on high settings nets me about half the battery time I was normally getting on my ZenWatch 2 beforehand. Since I’m a person that generally only wears my watch at work and charges it when I’m not there, this doesn’t bother me much, but if you’re a power user you may need to dial back some options to make it through the day.

But, honestly this isn’t a watch face for a power users. Like I said above, there’s not a bunch of metrics to keep you going at a glance. You’re going to get your basic info like calls and texts like your normally would, but that’s it. This is great to look at and that is it. If you’re looking for something to class up your watch, this definitely fits the bill.

Play Store: Mysterious Forest