Neptune Pine now shipping to Kickstarter supporters


This week saw the Neptune Pine begin shipping out to select Kickstarter backers. With some $800,000 pledged for the project there are more than 2,800 supporters who should see their device by year end. Note that this will be split in waves and that a second shipment is slated to happen “by November”.

The Android-supportedĀ device is billed as the “world’s first independent smartwatch” and lets users make and receive calls, texts, and more. Featuring a full-color 2.4-inch display, the Neptune Pine allows for up to 32GB internal storage and boasts a front and rear-facing camera with LED flash.


If you missed out on the Kickstarter project and want to get in line for the Neptune Pine you can pre-order them at The 16GB model retails for $349 while the 32GB version is listed at $449. Orders are expected to ship before the fourth quarter.