New details surface for Google Play Fitness ahead of Google I/O


Details of a new Google platform called “Google Fit” got an airing on the web recently, detailing how it would be an API based service that would allow wearable manufactures to tap into the platform and make Google part of the growing health and fitness.

Now some more information has come to light that pretty much confirms that Google will be bringing us a new shiny fitness service but with a slight name change to “Google Play Fitness”. Over at Android Police they’ve had a further insight as to what we could expect from Google Fitness play, explaining that it would be very comparable to Google Play Games.

Information points to Google Play Fitness being a discreet app that runs in the background using API’s to gather health and fitness data from compatible app’s which is then synced into Play Fitness, although Which app’s will be compatible is still unknown. Google Play Services also look set to play a major part in how Play Fitness works so its possible that another update could be announced for this at I/O.

Google Play Fitness is finally looking to become reality and in just a few days time we will hopefully find out.

Source : Android Police