Odyssey Watch Face review


odyssey_watch_face (3)Up for review today is the Odyssey Watch Face from Zuhanden. Sold for $0.99 in the Google Play Store the app sells itself as a hybrid of classic pilot watches and futuristic design. The watch face works on both circular displays as well as those with a rectangular shape as well.

Setup is quite easy with this watch as it ties directly into the Android Wear application on your smartphone. While you manage the finer details from within the app, it’s also easy to change faces directly from the wrist.

Among the items displayed on your watch face are the second hands, the date, day, and month. On the left of the display you’ll find the battery life for both the phone and the watch, too.

Looking at the watch face as a whole, it is almost as if you see a sun rising behind a planet or some sort of eclipse. It’s a space-y appearance that also borders on professional.

odyssey_optionsUsers can define what is displayed at just above the 6 o’clock mark and have the choice of either weather or a secondary time zone. The latter is helpful if you travel and want a quick at-a-glance look at what the time is back home. Or, perhaps if you conduct business with international partners.

By choosing the weather temperature, you are presented with two options as to the provider. moreover, you can opt between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature readings. The watch has been updated to work with the interactive behavior made possible by Android Wear.

I prefer the quick setting of typing display to change the color scheme. Alternatively, you can set it so that tapping the display opens a specific app within the watch. There are a number of color combinations (nine( included in the watch face all of which have a nice glow and professional appearance.

By default, the watch displays the name of the app, ODYSSEY, just below the 12 o’clock indicator. It’s possible to change this to say whatever you want, or delete it completely.

As much as I like the combinations, I would love the ability to dive deeper and define more settings. Perhaps more colors, variations of the watch hands, or enabling/disabling the second ticks. It’s certainly not a dealbreaker, mind you, but I’ve come to appreciate this in other watches.

Without stardust effect.
With stardust effect


There is a toggle for Stardust which adds some very minimal yet obvious flecks of stardust to the background. 

Users have the option of enabling or disabling an ambient mode in can even select brightness for both the ambient and the standard screen.

For the money, Odyssey Watch Face offers just the right amount of customization. I would like to see more handpicked user-defined settings, but it’s kind of hard to argue with the price point. My suggestion to the developer is a premium version that unlocks more for another dollar.

Download Odyssey Watch Face from the Google Play Store