Google debuts official Android Wear app, collection of compatible apps


    There aren’t many people who managed to get their hands on Android Wear smartwatches at this point, only the lucky ones who managed to get their units at Google I/O. First batch of LG G Watch units are shipping today while the Samsung Gear Live should do the same in a few days.

    Google did however launch an official Android Wear application which is now available in the Google Play Store. Not only that, but Android Wear got its own section there. This way you can view all Android Wear apps in the same place and install whatever you want. There are currently only 20 apps there but we’re sure that the section is about to get crowded very soon considering a lot developers are working on apps for Android Wear platform.

    Did you pre-order either of the currently available Android Wear smartwatches?

    Source 1 (app): Google Play Store
    Source 2 (section): Google Play Store