When talking about smartwatches, the term elegant probably doesn’t come up often. Even though smartwatches are awesome pieces of technology, that means that they normally look like pieces of technology, too. However if you are craving some class for your beloved Android Wear watch, I think I have just the watch faceĀ for you. The Pathfinder watch face blends classic design with a modern flair.


Pathfinder is available on the Play Store; however, you will have to spend $2.49 to use this watch face. Hopefully, you have been saving up that Google Rewards money because now is the time to use it! Setting up this watch face is as simple as downloading the app to your phone and setting it on your Android Wear watch.

Pathfinder watch face night mode
Night Mode on the Pathfinder watch face

If you are looking for a fully customizable watch face, you will be disappointed because the options with Pathfinder are limited. You can choose what the Ambient Display mode of your watch looks like along with determining when Night Mode turns on. Night Mode reverses the colors of your watch face so that the majority of it is dark to keep from blinding you when viewing the watch at night.


To say that I have enjoyed using Pathfinder would be a huge understatement. I love the look of a classic watch but still enjoy the features that come with smartwatches, and with Pathfinder, I do not have to choose between them. The design of the watch face gives the illision of depth which adds to the realistic look of the watch. While Pathfinder works well on both round and square watches, I found that it looked better on a round watch like the Moto 360 because of its classic look.

Pathfinder watch face 2Aside from just telling the time, there are dials on the left of the watch face which show the battery percentage for your watch, the battery percentage for your phone, and the day of the week. There is also a display for the day of the month on the right side of the watch face. I do wish that these dials could be customized to include different information, but the information that they do provide is useful.

Pathfinder watch face 1

Speaking of battery life, I found that I could easily get through the day on my Moto 360 while using Pathfinder as my watch face. I attribute most of this to the relatively static watch face. Aside from the constantly ticking second hand, there is nothing else that actively moves. In face, Pathfinder is one of the best watch faces I have used when it comes to battery consumption.


If you could not already tell, I give Pathfinder a resounding recommendation to anyone who is looking to add some more elegance to their smartwatch. Although it is a tad expensive at $2.49, those of you looking for a watch face like this should not be scared away by the price. Head on over to the Play Store and pick up Pathfinder to class up your smartwatch!