Pebble Time Round special editions added to Kickstarter campaign


Looks like the sleek looking Pebble Time Round, who was left out of the current Kickstarter campaign, finally gets its own chance to shine. This slim “Special Edition” Pebble comes in a polished gold or silver finish and is made of stainless steel. Other notable details include “luxe” features such as smoked numbering, decorative bezels, and an ebony leather band.

If interested, you can pick up one for $199 a piece. Or, why not grab one of these Pebble Time Rounds and a Pebble 2 for $298.

The expected shipping is slated for September 2016 with each model getting an exclusive laser engraving. With 14 days left in the Kickstarter campaign, now is as good as time a ever to snatch one up.