Recon shares its sport oriented Recon Jet glasses’ progress report


Recon is actively working on its Jet smartglasses and the company just released an update for its pre-order customers.

In an e-mail sent by the company, it stated that it’s optimizing the camera experience, improving the form factor as well as display adjustment mechanics. Recon states that it will continue on improving the product throughout June and the next update should come mid-July.

Recon CEO Dan Eisenhardt addressed consumers in the report stating:

“I’ve personally tested the camera while riding and was impressed. The image quality was solid but what really impressed me was how liberating it is to have instant access to image capture. Because the camera is integrated into the eyewear itself, Jet shoots exactly what the athlete is seeing. I had not fully appreciated how powerful this could be before testing it myself in the real world and am confident that this feature will be one of your favorites.”

“As part of the performance optimization outlined in the May 1 update, we tweaked Jet’s form factor, most notably angling the engine and battery relative to the ear stems and sunglass lens. This achieves better display positioning, improves ergonomics and, from a styling perspective, enhances the silhouette.”

“Display adjustment mechanics have been refined with the input of our manufacturer to maximize the adjustment range.”

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SOURCE: Connectedly