Render emerges purporting to resemble HTC’s smartwatch

Render emerges purporting to resemble HTC’s smartwatch

Some rumors mentioning HTC’s smartwatch running Android Wear emerged recently. The watch is allegedly due this fall under the “HTC One Wear” name. Some new information came to us, courtesy of @evleaks.

The leaker has an amazing track record when it comes to leaking stuff, so we should take this one seriously. The watch kind of resembles LG G Watch although the build materials seem to be more premium, probably stainless steel, but we’re only guessing. The watch is square-shaped and it looks rather nice, although we’ll let you be the judge of that.

I personally like the looks of the watch on this render even though Moto 360 still seems far more appealing, at least in my particular case. Different people like different things though. I have no doubt many of you would actually prefer a watch like this, especially if it is well-built and we all know HTC knows how to build devices.

Would you be interested in a watch built by HTC if it looked like this?

Source: @evleaks