Reqallable debuts as first context-aware notification app for smartwatches


Software developers reQall have released a new app for Pebble Smartwatch owners which seeks to make your experience even better. Called reqallable the app is context-aware and helps manage your emails, text messages, and other notifications. The secret sauce allows it to work in a method not unlike a personal secretary who screens your messages. In essence, it delivers only the most relevant, critical, and necessary information without making you reach for your device time and time again.

“reqallable expands the utility of Pebble by optimizing your email, text message and notifications experience,” said Pebble CEO and founder, Eric Migicovsky. “It’s hard to imagine a more transformative interface for a smartwatch than a technology that contextually understands who is important to you, when to buzz you, what to present you at a glance, and permits responses and actions directly from the watch.”

The app looks at messages, calendars, contacts, activities, and location to weed out the clutter, pinging you with the crucial stuff.

For example, if you’ve scheduled a meeting, reqallable will alert you to messages from participants, temporarily elevating those contacts to VIP status while holding back other messages until the meeting has finished. When a message arrives, reqallable parses emails and texts to present only the most critical details, and even offers pre-formatted responses like “This is fine,” “Please call,” or “Let’s meet,” for quick replies.

Those of you with a Pebble Smartwatch can download reqallable (beta) immediately; a beta version of the Sony Smart Watch 2 app is also available. Looking ahead, reQall plans a Samsung Gear 2 version as well.

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