The Rufus Cuff – more than a smartwatch. A wrist communicator.


Many smartwatches are beginning to come to market, all of which focus around bringing notifications to your wrist, but Rufus Cuff takes the concept one step further.

With a 3-inch widescreen display, the Rufus Cuff integrates voice and video calls, an internet web browser, a fitness tracker including GPS, accelerometer, and Gyroscope, together with full messaging and notification capabilities.

This is all made possible because the Rufus Cuff runs a full version of Android, and therefore can run the Apps from the Google Play Store.

The Rufus Cuff is certainly a different take on what traditional smartwatches are trying to achieve by taking it one step further. The product is currently seeking funding through Indiegogo, has 22 dys left at time of posting, and has raised $67,529 of their $200,000 goal.

For as little as $229, you can back the Rufus Cuff project to get one of the first shipped units. Check out their Indiegogo page here.