Runtastic will support Android Wear, Google Fit and Google Glass


    Google mentioned a while back that it was looking to partner up with as many fitness app developers as possible to bring full support for their wearable and health features. Amongst the craze of all the goings on at the I/O keynote, the very popular fitness and running app Runtastic announced that it will be one of the first developers to embrace Android Wear and Google’s health and fitness platform with support for Google Glass also in the works.

    “This is an exciting opportunity for Runtastic as both our apps and hardware now work across Google Glass, Wear, and Fit,” said Stephan Brunner, Head of Android at Runtastic. “We’re excited to be one of the first developers to offer users options on these new platforms, expanding the suite of services we already provide.”

    Runtastic is one of the biggest fitness apps on the market and have a bunch of apps that focus on data tracking of users activities, so joining forces is a great boost for Google’s wearable devices and fitness eco system. Google have made it easy for developers to work with Android Wear, Google Fit and Glass with most smartphone apps needing only very few code changes to make them work with these platforms, this will allow users of apps like Runtastic to start tracking activities within the app using voice commands alone and seeing app notifications pop up in Glass.

    As we know from Google I/O, this is just the start for Android Wear and Google are going all out to get the platform running at full steam. We’ll be keeping a well-stretched eye out for what else Google add to the Android Wear platform.


    Source: Runtastic Blog