Launches Salesforce Wear initiative for wearables


Wearable devices being used in the business sector is relatively new and is also uncharted territory for many manufactures of such devices due to them being geared towards a consumer market., who are a leading company in CRM software packages, have launched a tool that allows developers to integrate devices such as Google Glass and upcoming products that will run Android Wear into the commercial arena


The SalesForce Wear tool enables¬†businesses to access customer data via wearable devices, the Wear Developer Pack will also allow businesses to build applications that can adapt to different device architectures, user experiences and data flows so that company employees can connect with their customers in real-time and in the same physical location without the need to reference PC’s or mobile devices while in customers meetings for example.


salesforce wear 1



SalesForce¬†believes wearables are the “next mobile revolution” in the enterprise space and have worked with many different devices to develop some apps with their SalesForce wear pack to help get the ball rolling and show what it can do for business.

Some example of these are:


  • A reporting app for the Pebble Smartwatch allows “data junkies” to track information from a glance of the watch and connect it to any report inside
  • A sales productivity app for the Samsung Gear allows users to check who is attending a meeting and information about attendees.
  • A service app for Google Glass.
  • A notification app for Android Wear alerts managers so they can authorise and approve requests.
  • An app for Canadian-created gesture control armband Myo enables surgeons to manipulate images, diagnostic files, and patient records while in the operating room in a “Minority Report”style.
  • An app that can validate identities via the Nymi device, and communicate that valid identity to products and systems around the user.


Wearable devices have not even hit the market fully as yet , but it great to see that software companies wanting to get a piece of the action of what is shaping up to be the “next big thing”.