Samsung and Pebble dominate smartwatch sales in US


It’s not surprising that when you mention smartwatches in any conversation , Samsung and Pebble are the manufactures that are always regarded as the big players and with good reason too. Pebble were first to ignite the smartwatch phenomenon through a highly successful KickStarter campaign that has seen them continue to develop and release a range of devices, Samsung on the other hand were the first major technology hardware manufacture to enter the wearable market with a smartwatch.

According to a new research carried out by NPD Group, both Pebble and Samsung have completely dominated the smartwatch market in the United States. Since October 2013. Nearly half a million watches have been sold in the US generating $96 Million of revenue with Samsung’s Gear accounting for 78% of the total revenue and Pebble picking up an 18% revenue share.

It’s unlikely that both company’s will be able to keep this dominance especially with manufactures like LG , Moto and even Apple entering the Smartwatch arena but it looks like exciting times ahead for wearable sales across the globe.

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