Samsung: No more smartwatches with Android Wear


Samsung announced today that it has no more plans for smartwatches compatible with Android Wear. After dipping its toe into the market with Gear Live, it has since then stuck with its own OS for smartwatches.

Called Tizen, the Korean-based company says that the OS – which runs on most of its wearables now – is much more battery-efficient than Android Wear. In addition, since Tizen is becoming the standard operating system on its other products like TVs and refrigerators, Samsung will be able to provide a more continuous experience, like Microsoft is doing with Windows 10.


To date, the only smartwatch that Samsung did release on Android Wear was the Gear Live announced at Google I/O 2014. Although an awkward, bulky smartwatch, the Gear Live could be said to have jumpstarted the Android Wear platform.