Samsung’s Android Wear smartwatch to launch at Google I/O?


After a mysterious Samsung smartwatch visited the FCC a week ago rumors started talking Samsung’s Android Wear smartwatch. According to CNET’s report, that smartwatch might actually be an Android Wear powered device.

Google I/O is a few days away and we’re expected to see lots of things on Google’s developers conference this year. A huge emphasis should be on Android Wear. We’re expected to see a LG G Watch and Moto 360 as a big part of that, but CNET reports Samsung’s Android Wear offering should also be a part of the event. When Samsung decided to update its Galaxy Gear smartwatch with Tizen OS and leave Android behind it seemed like we won’t see a Samsung branded Android Wear device, that picture changed drastically in a week or two though.

No words on the design of Samsung’s alleged Android Wear smartwatch. Do you think Samsung will actually offer us such device on this year’s Google I/O? Or at all?

Source: CNET