The Showear: Android Wear Lock app gives your smartwatch a lock screen [‘Watch’ This App]


One of the reasons smartwatches are great is because they have so many of the same features as Android phones. However, smartwatches don’t come with the option of having a lock on your watch. Showear: Android Wear lock corrects this problem by giving users a lock screen that not only protects your watch from unwanted users, but is also quite stylish.

Like Android smartphones the Showear app allows you to unlock your smartwatch with your own personal dot sequence that you set, but also allows the user to choose between either entering a dot sequence or unlocking their smartwatch by having a swipe sequence. It also has a stylish, simple design, and looks similar to the lock screens on smartphones.

While it doesn’t let you unlock your device with a password, facial recognition, or a numeric passcode, like Android smartphones, it does finally provide smartwatches with some form of secure unlocking system that anyone with a smartphone can easily use and recognize.

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