Sign-up for Android Wear info goes live


There was a time when any wearable technology was deemed as a naff gadget that compared to you Michael Knight talking to his car or something that was more star-trek than stylish but Google have the potential to turn this way of thinking on its head.

Android Wear has really grabbed our attention with rumors and leaks popping up all over the place and manufacturers jumping on the wearable wagon. I’ve already seen plenty of device designs that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear; tech fans are waiting eagerly for the launch of the platform.

Well, it looks like the wait is nearly over with Google setting aside a space for Android Wear on its Android website. They’re not giving much away apart for its “coming soon”. Sure, the placeholder site has been around since it was first announced however now you can sign up for updates. If you’ve seen the “Google I/O 2014: What to expect” post over at AndroidGuys then you know that we hope to see an announcement at this event.

To whet your appetite a little bit more, here’s the Android Wear video that Google have put up on the website.