Smaller Samsung smartwatch found at FCC could run Android Wear


Samsung has lots of smartwear out on the market already. They started with their Galaxy Gear smartwatch running Android which was followed by its refresh Samsung Gear 2 which is running Tizen OS. After launching Gear 2 Samsung updated its 1st-gen Gear smartwatch with Tizen as well. It seemed that Samsung is going to throw all its apples in one (Tizen) basket, at least when it comes to smartwear, but that might not be the case.

A mysterious Samsung smartwatch, SM-R382, visited FCC. There’s no way to determine which OS will it be running in the end, but the smartwatch is significantly smaller than Samsung’s Gear offerings and it could turn out this is their shot at Android Wear. We all know Samsung likes to throw everything they think of out on the market and get as much revenue as possible, so it’s quite possible they’re going to release an Android Wear smartwatch and get a piece of that pie as well.

samsung smartwatch fcc______

Google I/O is right around the corner and we’ll definitely hear more about LG G Watch and Moto 360, maybe even see one (or both) of those launched. It could be possible this Samsung smartwatch will be the 3rd watch they’ll showcase there.

What do you think, will Samsung dabble in Android Wear? Is this their offering or just another Gear spin-off running Tizen?