“Smart Contacts” by Google could get to people’s eyes sooner than you think


Either way we spin it this sounds somewhat creepy. It sounded creepy the first time we heard Google was working on “Smart Contacts” (or “Smart Contact Lenses” whichever way you prefer) and now it sounds even creepier. Why you ask? Well, Google just signed a licensing deal with a Swiss pharmaceutical company Novartis.

OK, ok, some of you might say I’m being paranoid and stuff and maybe i am, but you have to admit this sounds at least a little bit creepy. This deal is a long way off though, at least we think it is, there are no indications this technology is nearly ready for primetime. Either way, this deal will certainly mean a lot to both Google and Novartis. Google will get the help of an experienced pharmaceutical company when it comes to pushing the product through FDA all the way to hospitals and Novartis will have what promises to be an awesome and one-of-a-kind product under its belt.

What do you think of all this? Does it sound a bit creepy to you as well or perhaps you see great prospect which could help people in all this? To tell you the truth I see both, I’m not exactly a paranoid person but I’m always careful and a bit doubtful when ti comes to products like these.

Source: Novartis