Which smartwatches will see Android 2.0 updates?


Earlier this week at Google I/O 2016, Google announced the next version of its wearable platform, Android Wear. Expected to launch later this year, the 2.0 release brings about a smarter, more intuitive user interface that also punches up watch faces, too.

For all that we do know about the upcoming launch, one thing we don’t know for certain is which models will see the software. According to Google, there’s really no reason why most of them will receive Android Wear 2.0. Given that they all have such similar hardware at this point, it stands to reason that a majority of them are likely candidates.

Looking at ¬†we see the Huawei Watch and the second edition LG G Watch Urbane as having beta releases already available. That’s right, if you own either of these watches, you can start testing the next build of Android Wear.


If we’re reading the tea leaves a bit, we might also look for the second generation Moto 360 and Asus ZenWatch 2 to pick up a beta build, too. Why? The promo image found inside the official Android update post from Google shows those two models next to the LG and Huawei. Call it an educated guess or wishful thinking, but we’re optimistic on both. Is it coincidence that the image is called AndroidWear20Watches.jpg?

We expect to hear from various watch makers in the run up to the 2.0 launch of Android Wear. Whether through social media, a press announcement, or something else, we imagine there will be some sort of transparency. Perhaps Google will have a tracking page of sorts once the software officially rolls out, too.