Sonic Boom releases Boomerang™ fitness tracker


California based Sonic Boom Wellness aims to capture some of the smart-fitness market share with the release of the Boomerang, a device they say lives up to its unparalleled standards for accuracy, reliability, and unprecedented functionality. The company believes the market currently does not offer a device people truly want and deserve, so it decided to create the Boomerang. 

Boomerang ups the ante, raising the bar on what people will expect from activity trackers,” says Sonic Boom CEO and co-founder Danna Korn. “It’s the first device to integrate an entire wellness program, smartwatch, two-way messaging, and activity tracking all in one.  It tracks all types of physical activity – including swimming since it’s waterproof – and it brings smartwatch functionality with the Sonic Boom platform to an interactive touchscreen on members’ wrists.  It’s already the smartest activity tracker on the planet, and we’ve only just begun!”

The device can do a great number of things, which include step counting, calories burned, activity time, and distance as well as helping you with swimming and biking. Boomerang also acts as a smartwatch, and can show you the current ime, date and local weather as well as show you when you are receiving calls and texts messages. The device can send messages back and fourth between other Boomerang’s too, even when there is no computer or smartphone around.

Sonic Boom also promises to fully support this device at all times when there is an issue or question. “We fully support Boomerang with a Total Client Happiness™ guarantee.  This is a game-changer,” said Korn.

First-to-market with the gamified approach to corporate wellness in 2007, Sonic Boom is the innovative market leader in socially contagious challenge variety, customization options, incentive-management flexibility, co-branding opportunities, and Total Client Happiness™ – all in support of its mission to improve members’ DAILY health habits.  For more information, please contact Ross Gensler at (760) 438-1600 or [email protected].


Source: PR Newswire