Sony SmartWatch 2 gets customisable watch faces, wallpapers, and more


Sony has taken to its blog to issue some updates for the Sony Smartwatch 2 alongside the statistic that they now have just under 400 dedicated SmartWatch apps.

First up is the feature that you can now customise the SmartWatch 2 watch faces from your wrist or your phone using a drag and drop gesture. Simply choose the watch face and then add a widget, of which you can choose from date, weather, calendar, Bluetooth, notifications, battery indicator and an alarm as well as a load more other options.


Next is a simple but essential one where you are now able to chose six unique wallpapers which work independently of your smartphone.


Other features include the addition of a calculator, improved Gmail and Facebook apps, as well as a tweaked notification drawer.

So if you’ve got a Sony SmartWatch 2 then let us know what you think of the new features.