Spire: taking wearable tracking further


There is a massive range of wearable fitness and lifestyle trackers out there in the wild , all with their own take on what they think you need to help you have that healthy and fit lifestyle. However, a new wearable device wants to take this further and add a little something extra to the mix.

Spire is the latest wearable tracker to launch which will monitor your movement and activity but this device also wants to know what kind of mood you’re in by using your breathing pattern, Yes that right “breathing” or to put in a more technical speak ” Respiration”. The Spire tracking device is designed to sit close to the body where it will monitor 10 characteristics associated with respiration from which it can determine periods of inactivity, stress or panic all of which can have an effect on the mind.

The idea behind Spire seems to be a carry on from where existing devices like Fitbit and Jawbone finish by adding an extra measurement which creates a wearable health tracker for body and mind, not just fitness alone.

Is this taking the wearable health tracker further?  take a look into Spires functionality and tell us whether you think this is the next step up for wearable tech.