Sproutling launches Wearable Baby Monitor


Baby monitors have been around for years and are probably one of the most important gadgets that parents will buy to help keep an eye on their precious little person.

Taking the whole baby monitoring to a next level is a company called Sproutling, they have developed what is undoubtedly the first wearable monitor for baby’s that will learn things like sleeping, movement and temperature patterns so that it can predict when things are not right or to let you know when they could be waking up next, something that must be real handy to help juggle day to day tasks in between looking after baby.

This smart monitor has been carefully thought about and takes safety real seriously, its made from medical-grade silicone which wraps around the ankle and is specially designed not to be a chocking hazard. The accompanying iOS smartphone app displays easy to read and relevant info and warnings at a glance rather than just a ton of data, so you don’t have to decipher what’s important to you.

Sproutling have used wearable tech to the max in its product which has a bunch of neat features, its clear to see that this will prove to be a valuable tool for new and old parents alike. The device is up for pre-order as a deal for $249 and will retail at $299 once the pre-orders are done, currently the app is only supporting iOS devices but Android support is on the way.