Star Trek-inspired CommBadge enables hands-free access to Siri and Google Now


A new Kickstarter project known as the CommBadge is well on its way to receiving funding with nearly one month to go.

The unit itself if a Bluetooth Smart 4.0 speakerphone that can be worn on your shirt or on your car visor. Measuring only 1.54-inches in diameter, it’s unobtrusive yet fully functional. Think in terms of a Star Trek communicator badge and you’ll understand how it can be helpful in the real world. And, because it’s platform agnostic it works just as well for Google Now as it does with Apple’s Siri.

It’s simple to use, yet amazingly convenient! All of CommBadge’s functions are controlled by just tapping it, we call it the “touch interface.” It uses the latest DSP audio SoC (system on a chip) to minimize background and wind noise. By combining proprietary directional and personalized speaker technology, CommBadge brings you crystal clear handsfree communication. You’ll be able to customize CommBadge with the free companion apps coming soon.

With 25 days to go in the Kickstarter project, the CommBadge has entered into the stretch goals. If you’re interested in helping out you can pledge anywhere from $5 on up with various benefits.