STATION Watch face review



If you follow the Android icon development space closely then you’re no doubt familiar with Tha Plash and his innumerable packs. For those who aren’t familiar, each of the icon sets he creates is of high quality and uniquely different. How would he fare with his first Android Wear watch face?

station_screen_grabAvailable for $0.99, STATION gives users a number of options to configure to their liking. There are three colors to choose from (blue, red, and green) as well as settings for day (black background) or night (white background). Other settings include date and battery visibility and how the secondhand movement.

Changing the settings can prove to be a little wonky at first. In fact, there are two ways you can go about adjusting the settings.

On the watch itself, I found it works best to slide up and over to your configuration screen and apply things one at a time. Speaking of which, pick the option you want and double-tap the watch face. I tried, unsuccessfully a few times to simply pick the setting and swipe away. Tapping them in seems to “set” it.

The easier way is to open the Android Wear app on your smartphone and adjust things there. It’s easy to see all of the options at once and your watch syncs up immediately.

All in all, I find STATION to be a great sign of things to come from Tha Plash. I like the app and its personalization and think it’s well worth the dollar. Would I like to see more choices? Sure, maybe another few options like pink, purple, orange, and white. Is that a deal breaker? Hardly.

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