Flash Watch adds another Beautiful Watch Face to Android Wear


If you’re like me and always hunting for the next great watch face to show off via your Android Wear device, Flash Watch, from s4bb, has just released a new update for Android Wear. The latest update brings the ‘CAPSUULA’ face to your Android Wear device, as well as adds the ...

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Withings Activité up for Pre-Order


One of the most beautiful fitness trackers on the market just came up for pre-order.  The Withings Activité can be pre-ordered for $450.00 through their website.  Although the $450 might be more than we initially thought, this watch looks like it is worth it.  Inside this gorgeous watch is an ...

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ASUS Zenwatch available in the Google Play Store


Good news for all of you that are fans of the ASUS Zenwatch.  It is now available in the Google Play Store for $199.99.  There were rumors that the Zenwatch would be available soon, but this is definitely a nice surprise to see it this quickly.  Google has the Zenwatch listed as in stock and... ...

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Keep track of your class schedule with Class Time


Being a student can be difficult.  Remembering your class schedule shouldn’t be something that you struggle to remember.  With the Class Time-Timetable app you can easily keep track of where you’re supposed to be.  All you need to do is enter your class schedule and the app will ...

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Wear Mini Launcher [‘Watch’ This App]

wear mini launcher

Accessing apps on smartwatches can be a pain. If voice activation or scrolling through different lists just to find an app is something you can’t stand, then it may be time to take a look at Wear Mini Launcher. It’s an app that allows you to access your apps from anywhere simply by ...

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Metal Moto 360 available today for $299

metal moto 360

If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on ordering your Moto 360, then today might be the day for you to finally hit “Submit” on that order. The Moto 360 is now, as of today, available in two all metal options. Droid Life reported earlier, Motorola just announced (and then ...

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HP releases video preview of their new fashion forward smartwatch


Previously Hewlett-Packard teased us with photos of their new smartwatch the MB Chronowing.  Now they are giving us a better look with a video preview of their fashion forward smartwatch.  HP worked with fashion designer Michael Bastian to produce a smartwatch that offers something different ...

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Meet Pujie Black, one slick watch face


We’re back at you with another great watch face for your Android Wear smartwatch, and this time it’s with Pujie Black- Wear Watch Face. The watch face comes with an app to customize the settings and colors of the face. You can toggle the digital clock, analog clock hands, and much ...

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Need a weather app for your smartwatch? Check out Aeris Wear Weather


If you are looking for a weather app for your Android Wear smartwatch, you could do worse than the Aeris Wear Weather app.  With Aeris you can customize your smartwatch to display the weather in your area, give you up to the minute radar images and let you know when there are severe weather ...

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AT&T confirms upcoming support for LG G Watch R


AT&T on Monday confirmed the upcoming availability of the LG G Watch R via a press release. Unfortunately, the carrier stopped short of announcing any price or exact release date. On a more positive note, however, AT&T does promise to be “among the first” providers to offer ...

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