Opinion: Apple Watch will boost sales of Android Wear


It’s no debate that smartwatches haven’t exactly hit the mainstream market yet. Sure, the guys here at SmarterWatching and AndroidGuys love them, but the average consumer isn’t quite interested yet or doesn’t know much about them or which ones even exist. While I adore ...

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MyRoll: First ever photo gallery for Android Wear


MyRoll has heard the ongoing complaints about Android 5.0 taking away the native Android Gallery app in favor of the Google+ Photos app, which Google hopes you will use as default, and has done it’s best to update its app to be our new default photo gallery on Android 5.0. MyRoll is a ...

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Could this be the LG G Watch R 2?


A lot of gadgets are on display at CES 2015 this week, but notably is what appeared on the wrist of Ulrich Hackenberg during Audi’s press conference at CES. The watch pictured is made by LG and does look like the G Watch R in design, except for the presence of silver and 3 buttons on... Read More

Sony unveils a stainless steel SmartWatch 3


One of the best Android Wear smartwatches just got even better, with Sony unveiling their excellent Smartwatch 3 watch with a stainless steel band. If you haven’t read our review of the Smartwatch 3 then check it out, but one of our comments was the lack of additional wristbands, which ...

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Hyundai adding Android Wear compatibility to BlueLink


If you own a Hyundai with BlueLink and you own an Android Wear smartwatch you are in luck.  Hyundai is announcing at CES 2015 that BlueLink will be compatible with Android Wear.  This means that you could soon be able to lock and unlock your car, start the engine, flash the lights and find ...

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You can now play Flappy Bird on your Android Wear smartwatch, if you want! [APK Download]


I’m sure there’s an audience out there who crave to play that annoying Flappy Bird game on a tiny smartwatch screen, so this one’s for you. Android dev Corbin Davenport, the same guy that ported Minecraft and Doom to Android Wear, has achieved the same feat with Flappy Bird ...

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Runkeeper updated to support the Sony Smartwatch 3

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 20.34.05

One of the comments we pulled out when we reviewed the Sony Smartwatch 3 was that the dedicated GPS chip was a brilliant addition but required developers to take advantage of it to really make it significant. Well the folks over at Runkeeper have done just that and their latest update brings ...

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Google’s Santa Tracker gets Santa themed watch faces!!!


When I was little kid, I loved to watch the evening news on Christmas Eve so I could catch the updates on Santa’s location.  Knowing that Santa Claus was busy doing his thing made me even more excited, if such a thing were possible.  Through the years the Santa Tracker has seen many ...

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Inbox by Gmail gets better Android Wear support


Whilst Inbox has previously been supported by Android Wear, the latest update promises more compatible and user-friendly features after the previous version received widespread complaints. It is now easier to respond, arrange, and label incoming messages from Android Wear than ever before. The ...

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How to take a screenshot on Android Wear


Taking a screenshot on your Android Wear smartwatch isn’t as easy or convenient as it is on your phone. In fact, it isn’t officially support yet, so you’re going to have to go through a few technical steps. If you don’t already know about ADB commands, I’ll walk ...

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