How to take a screenshot on Android Wear


Taking a screenshot on your Android Wear smartwatch isn’t as easy or convenient as it is on your phone. In fact, it isn’t officially support yet, so you’re going to have to go through a few technical steps. If you don’t already know about ADB commands, I’ll walk ...

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HTC to intro smartwatch with One M9, reports says


You may remember that HTC decided to pull their smartwatch offering that was reportedly in the pipeline saying that the market was not yet ready. But, according to the company, they’re not completely ignoring the smartwatch market, and are looking to launch their smartwatch to accompany ...

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Moto 360 Lollipop update delayed


Bad news for all of you Moto 360 owners out there that were looking forward to the Lollipop update.  The update has been delayed, but fear not, you should receive your update before the end of the week.  This news comes from a Motorola Forum that originally broke the news of the early week ...

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Netflix adds Android Wear support


Netflix announced on its blog on Tuesday a few updates to its Android app, including “Social Recommendations”. However, most exciting is the Android Wear support. Here is what Netflix said on their announcement: First, we’re taking full advantage of the rich Android push ...

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Paick Smart Watch, the best of both worlds?


Right now on the crowdfunding site Pozible, an interesting smartwatch is seeking funding.  The Paick Smart Watch claims to be the best of both worlds.  On the outside it looks like a standard analog watch, but on the inside it sets itself apart.  It has bluetooth so it can connect to your ...

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Moto 360 owners should have update by end of today

metal moto 360

Those who have a Moto 360 will be glad to know that an update to Android 5.0.1 is not only coming your way, but Motorola is planning on having it out to everyone before the end of today (12/15). On Motorola’s forums, a Motorola employee made the announcement that the update would be ...

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Android 5.0 confirmed for Android Wear for mid-December; includes custom faces, easier navigation, and new modes


Google on Wednesday confirmed that Android 5.0 will be coming to Android Wear over the next week. As part of the update, users can expect to look for a whole new world of custom watch faces. Additionally, Android Wear owners will see smarter navigation, new modes (theater, sunlight), and more. ...

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LG G Watch R2 4G smartwatch to be announced at MWC


LG could be ready to announce their third smartwatch at MWC 2015 if a new rumour is anything to go by; Business Korea is claiming that the LG G Watch R2 will be unveiled to the world in Spain in a few months. Not only is this the third-generation of smartwatch for LG, but interestingly... Read More

Tag Heuer’s first smartwatch could be Intel-powered


The idea of traditional watch-makers, like Tag Heuer, getting into the smartwatch game has come as no surprise. Especially when you consider how unrelenting they have become when it comes to removing “custom” watch faces for apps like Facer and the customization community. However, ...

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Sony Smartwatch 3 now available in Canada for $279


We have some great news available for our friends up North, in regards to availability of the Sony Smartwatch 3. Anyone who lives in Canada, you can now purchase the Sony Smartwatch 3 for only $279. Sony’s first Android Wear powered device will be available for purchase through select ...

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