Com1 smartwatch mystery solved

Com1 variety

If you were wondering where the Com1 smartwatch disappeared to, now we can tell you.  A quick summary is in order first, earlier this month the Com1 smartwatch appeared on Indiegogo.  The Com1 looked like a solid smartwatch especially at the price point, $125 for the basic version and $175 for ...

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Always know the weather with the Beautiful Weather Watch Face app ['Watch' This App]


If you’re like me then you may be constantly checking the weather. Even if it has no bearing on your day you still need to know it, just for the sake of knowing it. If this is something you do, then it may be time to check out the Beautiful Weather Watch Face app. Beautiful... Read More

What do women think of smartwatches?

Samsung Gear smartwatch

Suddenly smartwatches and other wearables have become a big deal.  The announcement of the Apple Watch introduced smartwatches to a huge audience.  Together with the Apple Watch, other smartwatches, like the Moto 360 and the Samsung Gear S, are showing us what wearables are capable of. ...

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Facer allows you to fully customize your smartwatch face ['Watch' This App]


If you want: a fully customizable watch face, to choose from a wide array of watch faces, or even to create your own watch face, then you may want to check out the Facer app. It’s an app for Android Wear devices (yes even round ones) that allows you to get your watch face just... Read More

Wear Tip Calculator: An app for those of us who struggle calculating tips ['Watch' This App]


Trying to figure out how to properly tip your server is one of those things that seem like they should be easy, but can actually be surprisingly difficult. For many of us we must rely on technology to help us through the tipping process, and the Wear Tip Calculator is an app is here to help. ...

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Zillow update adds Android Wear support


Are you in the market for a new home?  Ziillow is going to use Android Wear to help you find the perfect place to live.  Now when you’re out and about town you’ll get an alert right on your smartwatch telling you that you are near a home that is for sale.  If your interested,... Read More

tinyCam adds Android Wear support

tinyCam monitor

TinyCam Monitor has released an update for their app which includes a nifty new feature: Android Wear support.  Now you will be able to view your security camera feeds on your smartwatch.  While smartwatch screens aren’t exactly great for viewing video, having the ability to check your ...

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Zumper: For those who have a smartwatch but need an apartment ['Watch' This App]


An apartment hunt in many cities can be a grueling process that requires you to constantly stay updated on apartments in their area, lest you miss out on your dream home. For those struggling to stay updated, I have some good news. The Zumper app is compatible with Android Wear devices. The ...

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Spotlight Watch Face ['Watch' This App]


If you want a simple analog watch face, but sometimes have trouble reading one with small numbers, then the Spotlight Watch Face may just be the app to solve that problem for you. All it is is a watch face that is a huge close up of the hour hand with a red line going... Read More

Boston NPR station comes to Google Glass


We’re starting to see more and more Google Glass apps making their way to the public.  Now you can get NPR news updates straight to your Google Glass, at least Boston’s NPR station (WBUR).  If you need to get your news fix all you need to do is activate your Glassware with, ...

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