Pebble Android Users Gain Sync with Endomondo Fitness App

Endomondo Featured

If you’re someone who uses the Pebble smartwatch, as well as the Endomondo fitness app, you can now have a little bit more fun. Today, Endomondo released an update to the Endomondo Sports Tracker application for Android users. The update brings the ability to start, pause, or stop a work ...

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Flash Watch adds another Beautiful Watch Face to Android Wear


If you’re like me and always hunting for the next great watch face to show off via your Android Wear device, Flash Watch, from s4bb, has just released a new update for Android Wear. The latest update brings the ‘CAPSUULA’ face to your Android Wear device, as well as adds the ...

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D-Day Counter for SmartWatch 2: A countdown app [‘Watch’ This App]

D-Day counter for smartwatch 2

IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! Okay, so unfortunately this app has nothing to do with “The Final Countdown” or even the band Europe in general, but the D-Day Counter for SmartWatch 2 app does give users a countdown to important events. All you have to do is put in the important ...

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BURG-“Dick Tracy” like watch available at Wal-Mart


A common complaint about smartwatches is that there is no easy way to talk to someone who is calling you.  While a smartwatch can tell you that you have an incoming call, you still have to take your phone out of your pocket to talk to the person calling.  The BURG smartwatch available at ...

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Withings Activité up for Pre-Order


One of the most beautiful fitness trackers on the market just came up for pre-order.  The Withings Activité can be pre-ordered for $450.00 through their website.  Although the $450 might be more than we initially thought, this watch looks like it is worth it.  Inside this gorgeous watch is an ...

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You can now use PayPal right from your Pebble


It seems like Pebble owners are getting all the love these days.  First, it was the Dominos Pizza tracking app and now it’s the ability to use PayPal right from your Pebble.  With the PayPal app you can make payments at locations that allow PayPal payments and you can receive ...

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Runtastic Pro: For when you don’t want to track a workout while carrying a phone [‘Watch’ This App]

Runtastic Pro

Taking your phone on a workout is obnoxious at best, and damaging to your phone at worst. You run the risk of water damage or some unfortunate fall, while also having to carry around a clunky, and during a particularly hard work out, a pretty heavy device. The Runtastic Pro app could be the ...

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ASUS Zenwatch available in the Google Play Store


Good news for all of you that are fans of the ASUS Zenwatch.  It is now available in the Google Play Store for $199.99.  There were rumors that the Zenwatch would be available soon, but this is definitely a nice surprise to see it this quickly.  Google has the Zenwatch listed as in stock and... ...

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Keep track of your class schedule with Class Time


Being a student can be difficult.  Remembering your class schedule shouldn’t be something that you struggle to remember.  With the Class Time-Timetable app you can easily keep track of where you’re supposed to be.  All you need to do is enter your class schedule and the app will ...

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SIMBAND wearable platform announced by Samsung


Samsung announced at their developers conference that their new SIMBAND wearable platform would be available to developers.  The SIMBAND looks a lot like the new Samsung Gear S smartwatch, but it incorporates additional sensors.  The cool thing about the SIMBAND is that the sensors are ...

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