HTC: Watch from our recent video is not a real product

HTC One Wear render leak___

We’ve seen a brief cameo of an unknown watch yesterday in HTC’s official Design Video. Rumors started that the watch is in fact HTC’s Android Wear smartwatch which is about to be released in the near future. It seems that’s not the case, HTC released an official ...

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Apple gets a smartwatch patent

iwatch concept____

On Tuesday the US Patent office granted Apple the patent for a wrist-worn electronic device that can communicate with a phone, this adds further fuel to the rumour fire that the company are working on some kind of smartwatch device, something that Apple still deny. The Patent request was ...

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HTC smartwatch sneaks into official HTC video


The rumored HTC smartwatch has been spotted in an official company video, however it’s not much more than a brief cameo. Jump to about the 35-second mark and you’ll see the unannounced wearable sitting to the right of computer. It’s unclear whether the watch is on a charging ...

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Render emerges purporting to resemble HTC’s smartwatch

HTC One Wear render leak___

Some rumors mentioning HTC’s smartwatch running Android Wear emerged recently. The watch is allegedly due this fall under the “HTC One Wear” name. Some new information came to us, courtesy of @evleaks. The leaker has an amazing track record when it comes to leaking stuff, so ...

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Both LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are now available at BestBuy

lg g watch, samsung gear live

LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live are the only 2 available Android Wear smartwatches at the moment. Some of you are eagerly awaiting Moto 360, are content with your current smartwatch in form of a Pebble or something similar and others don’t want a smartwatch at all. There are though those ...

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Minuum – the first keyboard to land on Android Wear

Screenshot 2014-07-16 at 20.59.13

The team behind Minuum keyboard have been quick to get an Android Wear version of the tiny keyboard into development and have posted up a teaser of it in action on the LG G Watch. Minuum is a hugely popular 3rd party keyboard for your phone which takes up very little space on the screen,... Read More

Use your new Android Wear Smartwatch to snap a pic

google camera app

That fancy new Android Wear watch that you got can do a lot of really cool things but now an update to the Google Camera app will turn you smartwatch into a remote shutter for you phones camera, that’s another cool thing you can add to the list. The camera app just got updated and... Read More

Motorola teases us with another Moto 360 vid


Its getting closer to Moto 360 time ! so to tease us a little more, Motorola have released a new video that talks about the balance of “design and function” for the most eagerly awaited smatwatch to launch this year. In the video , Moto 360 product lead, Lior Ron, talks about a few ...

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LG G Watch is now available across the world

LG G Watch_____

If you’re one of those people who just can’t wait to get their hands on LG’s Android Wear offering, you’re in luck. The G Watch is now available for purchase globally. LG G Watch shipments have begun recently in the U.S. but the watch is now available for purchase on a ...

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LG G Watch will be available at AT&T starting July 11


LG G Watch is one of two currently available smartwatches. AT&T will be the first U.S. carrier that will offer this smartwatch for sale starting July 11 for $229. AT&T announced that by purchasing LG G3 smartphone you’ll be able to save 50% on the G Watch, which is a rather nice ...

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