Sony Smartwatch 3 and SmartBand Talk renders surface

sony smartwatch 3 and smartband talk

Sony has already leaked a mysterious smartwatch on their official Facebook page and now we have an image of this watch to share with you. Though the image is kind of bad, it seems to be the same watch we’ve seen leaked on Facebook, wearing a different color though. Next to it you can ...

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Apple iWatch could be very expensive…


Apple might be planning on releasing a couple models of their upcoming smartwatch this fall, with the highest end one pricing around $400. This will be the highest priced smartwatch on the market is the claims are true from Re/Code. Of course, they might release another device around $200 or ...

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Nokia outlines HERE maps for Samsung Gear S


Nokia have announced that their HERE maps for Samsung Galaxy smartphones can be used to pair with the Samsung Gear S to sync routes with the smartwatch. Once paired, you can also use Glympse and Samsung’s Car Mode, plus plan walking or transit routes and view them directly on your Samsung ...

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HTC might launch a smartwatch and a fitness tracker in September

htc smartwatch

Many manufacturers already released, announced or will announce their smartwatches soon. HTC is one of those which we haven’t heard much from lately, according to @upleaks that is about to change soon. @upleaks shared a few tweets today stating that HTC will release a smartwatch and a ...

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iWatch might not be available until 2015

iwatch concept____

iWatch will face some tough competition once it launches. There are lots of smartwatch offerings already available in the market and many more are coming at this year’s IFA. Apple is expected to launch the iWatch at its September 9 event, though it might not ship until 2015 according to ...

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Asus CEO: Asus ZenWatch to cost less than $200


Asus already teased its upcoming Android Wear ZenWatch smartwatch. There were some rumors that the ZenWatch will cost less that $200 and now Asus’ CEO, Jerry Shen, confirmed that info according to Focus Taiwan. He also revealed the watch will be available in US and other markets in ...

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Speeds Watch Face: A speedometer with style ['Watch' This App]


Many of us want a watch with the look of a traditional watch but the capabilities of a smartwatch. Speeds Watch Face is an app that let’s you have the best of both worlds. Speeds Watch Face gives your smartwatch the look of a classic analogue sports watch, and it displays the time and ...

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Customize your smartwatch face with the Less is more Wear Watch Face app ['Watch' This App]

customize your smartwatch face

It’s no secret that when it comes to our devices we love to personalize them. It’s the reason there is such a large variety of ringtones, wallpapers, and smartphone cases out there. Now there is an app that allows you to customize your smartwatch face called Less is more Wear Watch Face. All of ...

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Asus teases smartwatch for IFA


A recent Asus tweet promising something “Incredible” for IFA next month has the tech space thinking a new smartwatch is in order. With rumors and expectations already building that Asus would unveil such a device, this just feels like the official run-up hype campaign. We ...

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Get Apex Notifier on Android Wear

apex notif

Loving your new Android Wear smartwatch? Well, you might just love it even more with the Apex Notifier update that now supports Android Wear. On your smartwatch, the app can show you how much battery remains on your smartphone, so you don’t have to take it out of your pocket just to check ...

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