LG Watch Urbane announced with LTE-enabled variant

lg g watch urban

LG’s new smartwatch has just been announced with an LTE-enabled counterpart, making the 4th-generation of smartwatch to come out of LG even more appealing. It can be used to make and receive calls and is pretty much like having a phone on your wrist, and best of all will not require a ...

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Color e-paper Pebble Time already funded on Kickstarter

pebble time

What do you do when your business model for your first product worked so well and you’re ready to release a new product? You go back to your roots! That’s exactly what Pebble have done to launch their new color Pebble Time watch, and have already hit their fundraising goal. In fact, ...

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LG outs the ‘Watch Urbane’ for Mobile World Congress

lg g watch urban

Already onto their third-generation of smartwatch, LG have just announced the Watch Urbane, an all-metal luxury Android Wear device. Aimed at “sophisticated and cosmopolitan” wearers (that’s me out), LG are marketing this smartwatch as the perfect accessory for those who want ...

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Possible Meizu smartwatch leaked


Meizu may be attempting to capture the Asian smartwatch market with a possible lower priced smartwatch as part of their Blue Charm line of devices. Phones and tablets that are priced low enough sell extremely well in Asian countries, which is why we see so many Chinese manufacturers selling ...

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Win an ASUS Zenwatch!!!


If you have been aching for an ASUS Zenwatch, but have been short on cash you could be in luck.  ASUS is starting a competition which will award a Zenwatch to those who design the best watch faces.  ASUS will select five winners in the following categories: Overall Gold Medal, Best Beauty in ...

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New Pebble smartwatch coming soon?

pebble steel___

Before smartwatches and other wearables were all the rage, the Pebble smartwatch was blazing a new trail.  Pebble recently announced that they shipped their millionth smartwatch on New Years Eve, reaching a milestone few would have predicted.  While major players like Apple, Google, Samsung and ...

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Pebble sells 1 million devices and has new hardware in the pipeline


In a recent interview with The Verge, CEO of Pebble Eric Migicovsky explained the plans for the company in 2015 and how they recently just sold their 1 millionth smartwatch. The impressive milestone demonstrates how they are still a strong force in the smartwatch space and said ...

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Next Asus smartwatch might last seven days on a single charge


Battery life is a pain point on most smartwatches and can often be the deal-breaker that makes what could be an amazing smartwatch a royal flop. However, Jonney Shih, chariman of Asus, dropped some hints about the upcoming ZenWatch. He said that the upcoming smartwatch from Asus was being ...

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No new HTC smartwatch at MWC, but perhaps a fitness tracker?

htc smartwatch

Many of us are expecting to see a smartwatch offered by HTC to accompany the new flagship HTC One M9 Hima handset reportedly due to be unveiled, but it seems that according to a new report it may not happen after all. HTC announced their partnership with Under Armour at CES for fitness bands ...

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Samsung’s circular display smartwatch will feature wireless charging


It almost seems that the Moto 360 is the defacto standard for how a smartwatch should be designed, and with that said it should be of no surprise that Samsung are looking to bring the wireless charging to their next smartwatch. Already rumoured to be a round display, Samsung are looking to drop ...

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