Need a weather app for your smartwatch? Check out Aeris Wear Weather


If you are looking for a weather app for your Android Wear smartwatch, you could do worse than the Aeris Wear Weather app.  With Aeris you can customize your smartwatch to display the weather in your area, give you up to the minute radar images and let you know when there are severe weather ...

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Is Timex going to launch a new smartwatch in 2015?


The very first watch I ever owned was a Timex Ironman with an Indiglo light up face.  I think I got that watch when I was in 7th grade and kept it until I was in high school.  I’m not sure when I lost it, but I have fond memories of that watch.  It didn’t... Read More

Here are Fitbit’s newest fitness trackers!

Fitbit - 3 new wearables

Fitbit had a tumultuous year, but they are looking to get 2015 started off right.  Today Fitbit announced three new wearables that will compete in a segment that is getting more crowded everyday.  Fitbit’s new wearables are called the Charge, Charge HR and the Surge. The Fitbit Charge is ...

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Torque aims to unseat “OK Google” in Android Wear


Summoning the mighty G from you smart device can be frustrating at times, I mean why do we have to blurt out those two magic words “OK Google” just to ask a question. For once a company not overly known for innovating ideas seem to have found the solution, Microsoft have been ...

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Sprint to offer Gear S on standalone plan, leak indicates


The Samsung Gear S has been a source of rumors for months now. Samsung has longed to bring a groundbreaking smartwatch into the market, and so far has not been overly successful. The Gear S hopes to be different by providing a standalone experience from a smartphone, providing talk, text, and ...

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New Microsoft wearable device on the horizon

microsoft wearable device

Forbes announced today that Microsoft will release a new, cross platform wearable device within a few weeks. The Microsoft wearable device claims a 2-day battery life, and will passively track heart rate. Microsoft is trying to get the device into stores shortly after launch, presumably in time ...

Read More PULS debuts at Dreamforce 2014 PULS

As previously reported, showed of the new PULS at’s Dreamforce 2014 conference on October 15th in San Francisco. More details have become available about the new device. In a press release put out by Rogers & Cowan for, they state, “i.amPULS ...

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Omate Lutetia, a smartwatch designed for women


A few weeks ago, I wrote an article asking what women think of the current generation of smartwatches.  While most women thought a smartwatch would be useful, few thought the current designs suited them.  Now there is a smartwatch, the Omate Lutetia, that is designed just for the ladies.  The ...

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Blocks, the modular smartwatch, is taking pre-orders

Blocks2 Modular Smartwatch

Although it looks like Blocks has been around for awhile, this is the first I’ve heard of them.  If you’re like me and haven’t heard of Blocks here is a short run-down.  Basically Blocks has created a modular smartwatch.  You can pick the display you want (circle, square, ...

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If you answered, no, there is no Smartwatch, you’d be wrong smartwatch

Well, you’d be right, until October 15th. That’s when will take the stage and share the Smartwatch created by his company, Concert goers were given a preview of the Smartwatch recently. The video here shows using the watch to control ...

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