Next Asus smartwatch might last seven days on a single charge


Battery life is a pain point on most smartwatches and can often be the deal-breaker that makes what could be an amazing smartwatch a royal flop. However, Jonney Shih, chariman of Asus, dropped some hints about the upcoming ZenWatch. He said that the upcoming smartwatch from Asus was being ...

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No new HTC smartwatch at MWC, but perhaps a fitness tracker?

htc smartwatch

Many of us are expecting to see a smartwatch offered by HTC to accompany the new flagship HTC One M9 Hima handset reportedly due to be unveiled, but it seems that according to a new report it may not happen after all. HTC announced their partnership with Under Armour at CES for fitness bands ...

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Samsung’s circular display smartwatch will feature wireless charging


It almost seems that the Moto 360 is the defacto standard for how a smartwatch should be designed, and with that said it should be of no surprise that Samsung are looking to bring the wireless charging to their next smartwatch. Already rumoured to be a round display, Samsung are looking to drop ...

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Samsung to intro round smartwatch at MWC, report says


With Mobile World Congress around the corner, we turn our attention to Samsung who could be set to release a round smartwatch at the event. According to a new report, the company are set to release their first round smartwatch to complete directly with the Moto 360 and LG G Watch R. It seems ...

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Apple reportedly ordering Samsung processors for Apple Watch


Samsung has grabbed an order of 3,000-4,000 processor units from Apple for their Apple Watch to launch this March. The processor built by Samsung will be inside Apple’s S1 system-in-package (SiP), which also consists of mobile DRAM, NAND flash and other peripheral chips. Analysts are ...

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Lenovo announces their new, e-ink smartwatch


Lenovo is jumping into the wearable market, anyone surprised?  Their new smartwatch is called the Lenovo VIBE Band VB10.  Lenovo’s take on the smartwatch is really more of a fitness band with some smartwatch features included.  It uses an e-ink screen to prolong battery life up to 7 days. ...

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Hyundai adding Android Wear compatibility to BlueLink


If you own a Hyundai with BlueLink and you own an Android Wear smartwatch you are in luck.  Hyundai is announcing at CES 2015 that BlueLink will be compatible with Android Wear.  This means that you could soon be able to lock and unlock your car, start the engine, flash the lights and find ...

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Alcatel OneTouch announces a Moto 360 inspired smartwatch


Ahead of CES 2015, Alcatel have taken the opportunity to announce a smartwatch that undoubtedly looks like the Moto 360, and is simply stunning. Whilst not too much is known about the Alcatel OneTouch Watch, what we do know is that it doesn’t run Android Wear, but will connect to your ...

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HTC to intro smartwatch with One M9, reports says


You may remember that HTC decided to pull their smartwatch offering that was reportedly in the pipeline saying that the market was not yet ready. But, according to the company, they’re not completely ignoring the smartwatch market, and are looking to launch their smartwatch to accompany ...

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New Pebble update gives greater control over notifications


Pebble has been ahead of the game when it comes to smartwatches.  Although they have been around for awhile they are refusing to rest on their laurels.  In update 2.3 for the Pebble Android app, users will be able to not only see notifications as they come into their watch, but be able to ...

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