Need two screens on your smartwatch? Try the Oru Watch


If you have been looking for a smartwatch and thought the current watches with only one screen weren’t for you, take a look at the Oru Watch.  The Oru features a low power, always on e-paper screen on one side and a high resolution, touch screen, TFT screen on the other.  If that’s ...

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The Guess smartwatch, it’s a thing

Everyone seems to be jumping on the wearable bandwagon these days, especially now that Apple announced its line of Apple Watches. Recently, Guess Watches CEO Cindy Livingston, reached out to Apple CEO Tim Cook to provide some support and encouragement, and to slyly announce the imminent release ...

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Minimus 360: An app for those who want a simple watch face for their round smartwatches ['Watch' This App]


There aren’t a whole lot of round watch face apps on the market just yet, and if you’re currently looking for one then it may be worth your while to take a look at the Minimus 360 app. The name Minimus 360 is pretty self explanatory; It’s an app that provides round ...

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Beware of driving with a smartwatch!


With all the excitement concerning the flood of smarwatches, everyone may have overlooked an important question: is it legal to drive with a smartwatch?  We’ve all seen states across the country enact laws that penalize distracted driving.  But, do those laws carry over to the use of ...

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Jawbone makes UP system available to all


Jawbone, the manufacture of advanced bluetooth headsets, the UP Band and the Jambox, is releasing their “UP system” to developers.  This should make their fitness tracking app available to anyone with a smartphone or compatible smartwatch. Jawbone calls the UP system, “a rich, ...

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The reMind app reminds you to be mindful ['Watch' This App]


Stress is a factor in almost all of our day to day lives, and it makes it hard to be focused on what is really important. If you think you could benefit from being reminded throughout the day to focus more on the important things things then you may want to check out reMind. This app gives... ...

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Com1 seeks crowd funding for Android Wear smartwatch

Com1 smartwatch

You like Android Wear operating system but you simply dislike every smartwatch that has been launched so far? Well, maybe you can help a new one reach the market. Com1 is currently accepting donations in order to reach $75,000 goal and make this smartwatch a reality. The company has currently ...

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Tag Heuer jumping into wearable fray


It looks like luxury watch giant TAG Heuer will be entering the smartwatch market soon.  The head of watches at the company, Jean-Claude Biver, recently confirmed the plans, advising it will showcase the watch at a luxury watch show, Baselworld 2015. Although the show is in March there is ...

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Ice Wear Watchface: Give your round smartwatch a colorful watch face ['Watch' This App]


If you’re lucky enough to own a Motorola 360 but hate the fact that there aren’t many choices of watch faces available on the market yet for round smartwatches, then get excited because the Ice Wear Watchface might just be your solution. The app allows you to pick from very simple ...

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Eat24: An app for hungry people with smartwatches ['Watch' This App]


If you’re a person that loves your food delivery apps and your smartwatch, then you’re in luck because the Eat24 app is compatible with Android Wear devices. For those who are not familiar with Eat24 it is an app that allows users to order food from various local restaurants from ...

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