The MonBaby wearable smartbutton monitors your baby’s sleep



I have an 8 year old son. As a result, my memories of baby life are getting a bit fuzzy. I remember it being a stressful time though. The first wave of stress came when we first brought him home and realized we had to keep the thing alive. I pictured us going days without sleep, constant crying, and based on the stories other people told us, various fluids flying out of every orifice of his body.

The reality was much different.

The reality was that he spent most of his time sleeping. We would just sit there, watching him, waiting for him to do something. Sometimes, I would need to wake him up so he could feed, and despite me practically yelling at him, he would just sleep.

The really stressful times came in the middle of the night when we didn’t know what was going on in his room. Fortunately, my wife’s baby radar was top notch and she’d be halfway to his bedroom before she even realized she was up and moving. Generally it was a dirty diaper or hunger. My thought was that if we fed him less then we would have less dirty diapers, but apparently that goes against the baby manual. No matter how many dirty diapers or hungry cries we heard, a crying baby in the middle of the night is a jarring experience. That’s your kid; the thing you love most in the world, and it could be hurt, or worse.

The only thing worse than crying was extended periods of silence. At some point, you’d realize you hand’t heard a peep, and then the fear would set in, and you’d find yourself moving towards their room, imagining the worst possible scenario.

To help ease those stressful times, and fear of silence comes a new wearable device specifically for babies. The MonBaby Smart Baby Monitor is a small button that attaches to your baby’s clothes and provides a variety of data via Bluetooth 4.0 to your iPhone or Android device.

Basically, it’s a 3 step process.monbaby features

  1. Clip MonBaby to your baby’s pajamas
  2. Connect to the MonBaby app
  3. Monitor your baby in real time

So what kind of data does the MonBaby button provide?

According to a recent press release, MonBaby states,

MonBaby is outfitted with sensors precise enough to detect the faintest movement of a baby’s breath, find irregularities and send an audible alert signal directly to mom or dad’s phone. The app allows parents to fine-tune alerts based on specific conditions–for example, being notified if a baby rolls onto his or her stomach (sleeping on the stomach is not recommended by the American Pediatric Society).

The device also offers long-term sleep analysis so you can learn when, and how your baby sleeps best.

The MonBaby button is not available just yet. There is a pre-order link on their site the offers the device for $99 with coupon (code: MB20). MonBaby is also going the crowd funding route to speed things along. They state,

MonBaby is the fledgling product from MonDevices, a technology company dedicated to improving quality of life through wearable devices. In early October, MonDevices will launch a Kickstarter campaign to speed along the manufacturing process. An initial goal of $15,000 will allow the company to ship the first round of devices by December. A stretch goal of $100,000 will fund backend technology that tracks an infant’s long-term sleeping patterns.

Keep an eye on this company as they seek new ways to help parents deal with the anxieties that come along with parenting.