Top 10 smartwatch companies [Infographic]

Top 10 smartwatch companies [Infographic]

The smartwatch industry is about to explode; it’s the calm before the storm, and everyone is anxiously awaiting the launch of Android Wear to see how Motorola and LG can implement the smartwatch operating system.

Smartwatches are nothing new, however, and have been around in consumer electronics right back to calculator watches. Functionality has enhanced and with it so has the use case. Pebble was probably the most popular smartwatch implementation until a few years ago when Samsung introduced their Galaxy Gear. With domination through saturation, Samsung managed to become the most popular smartwatch shipper, and by doing so quietly changed consumers idea of what a smartwatch should be.

Now, on the brink of Android Wear at Google I/O, that smartwatch industry is about to be redefined again, and what better way to benchmark that change than an informative infographic to demonstrate the current state of the market.

The infographic shows the top 10 smartwatch companies by units shipped in 2013, as well as predictions into market growth and also developer uptake of the ecosystem.