Toshiba expect Project Ara to extend to wearables


There’s no denying that Project Ara is an exciting project and one that will undoubtedly change the way we look at mobile devices. However, one spin on the project that hasn’t perhaps been considered until now comes courtesy of Toshiba who consider the project could extend to wearables.

Shardul Kazi, Senior VP and Technology Executive at Toshiba, said that devices like smartwatches could take advantage of the modular approach Project Ara will be based on, allowing a user to mix and match the components and features of their smartwatch.

During his presentation at the Ara Developer Conference, Kazi showed the above slide depicting a module being removed from the Ara phone and placed into a wearable device.

Whilst it is purely an idea at the moment and actually physically impossible to achieve given components currently available on the market, it does raise a compelling point of feasibility and functionality, and perhaps a peep into the future for wearable and smartphone component agnostics.

SOURCE: Engadget