Toshiba gets into wearables with WERAM1100 fitness band


Toshiba has jumped into the wearable market, introducing the WERAM1100 fitness band for release later this month. Connected to smartphones via Bluetooth, the fitness band tracks sleep patterns, steps taken, and calories burned. Offered in a variety of colors (black, light gray, smoky pink, blue-green), the big draw is the battery. According to Toshiba, the WERAM1100 will last up to two weeks off of a single charge.

Operation is simple and allows users to program and log individual, everyday life activities—what time breakfast is eaten, for instance. A built-in vibrator can be set to go off when pace counts, distance and other targets are reached, and also functions as an alarm.

The WERAM1100 is expected to begin shipping on August 20; it appears the device might be relegated to Japan only for the short term. We might look for a wider release in the near future, perhaps in wake of IFA.

Toshiba (Japan)