Track all of your fitness activities with SportsTracker [‘Watch’ This App]


Tracking your running, biking, and other fitness related activities has become rather commonplace over the last few years. Thanks to the proliferation of smartphones and wearable tech, we can now keep an eye on how we’re doing and where we are improving.

SportsTracker (by STL) is one such app that does well for a whole host of physical activities, including cycling, skiing, snowboarding, running, and plain ol’ cardio. And, thanks to the recent software update which supports Android Wear, the experience gets that much better.

Now, instead of pulling out your phone to start, pause, and stop the app you can do so from your wrist and by voice. What’s more, a simple glance and swipe can show your current time, distance, calories burned, speed, and more. Should you have a heart rate sensor in your watch (Samsung Gear Live) or be wearing a separate device you’ll also see your current BPM and/or percentage of maximum.

As of today there is a promotion (ends August 18) which sees the cost of the pro experience cut in half.

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