Trademark filing unearths’ Samsung Gear VR’


Samsung has been keen to venture into the Virtual Reality world for some time, but a big push from Sony and Facebook with their “VR” development has seen the company step it up a gear in bringing a wearable VR device to the masses.

A few months back Samsung announced that they would be entering the “VR” market, to compete with likes of project Morpheus and Oculus Rift, with a Virtual Reality headset of their own that would work alongside their range of Galaxy devices. Now, a recent filing of a trademark for the name “Gear VR”  indicates that Samsung are getting close to probably announcing what they have in the works.

Little detail is known about the “Gear VR” but it is unlikely to run the Company’s new Tizen OS as rumours have suggested that Samsung may be partnering with Oculus VR to use their software, but while this is not confirmed, this would allow Samsung to quickly release a device without the need for in-house software development.

No time scales are known for when we might see the “Gear VR” but expect an announcement from the company soon.