V.ALRT personal emergency alert device now available


Not all smart wearables are fitness trackers or watches, in fact, we are starting to see developers bring a whole range of wearable devices to the marketplace that make use of your smartphone to interact with how we live, work and play.

One such company to release a new wearable is VSN Mobile with its V.ALRT personal emergency alert button.




The V.ALRT, and its corresponding Android app, work with a smartphone to send out urgent calls and texts at the touch of a small button, summoning help wherever and whenever someone should need it. It addresses a variety of consumers  the worried parent, the runner or hiker who exercises alone, and individuals looking for enhanced personal security. In particular, it provides a new freedom for aging, ailing or disabled people who have, until now, been tethered to their home alert systems that require pricey equipment, land lines and long–term contracts. The V.ALRT can provide urgent communications wherever a person might be, whether on a walk, at the grocery story, or working in the yard.


The emergency button connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the battery will last an impressive one year before it needs changing. It will work with Android and iOS devices and for OSs are available to download.

If you think this could assist you or a family member, head over to VSN Mobile for the full lowdown on how it works.

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