Verizon announces $80 LG GizmoPal watch for kids


LG have released a new wearable designed especially for kids with their safety in mind called the GizmoPal.

The idea is that kids are able to make and receive phone calls using a single button and auto-answer features, allowing parents to stay in contact without the need for the child to carry a smartphone.

The child is able to place a call to a primary or secondary caregiver and can receive calls from two additional approved contacts. GizmoPal’s family-focused functionality should be matched by a durable, kid-friendly design that is built to withstand the playground’s most ambitious set of monkey bars.

A companion app lets parents easily manage their childs GizmoPal from an Android or iOS device.

The GizmoPal by LG is available now online at for $79.99.


  1. I love the watch phone but I hate that if someone shuts it off you can’t remotely turn it back on but you have the ability to turn it off remotely! So if someone abducts your child and knows it has a gps they could turn ift off and off goes the phone and gps.