View notifications by glancing up in a new Glass update


Google is definitely pushing Glass forward. They’re constantly updating their smartglasses and bringing new features. In their last XE17.2 update they brought some battery icon features and lots of bug fixes, but this time around we have something a bit more exciting in tow.

In new Glass update, XE17.3, you can glance up in order to view all notifications. Up until now you had to touch the touchpad or nod your head to see notifications when you hear the chime, not anymore. Google Glass’ purpose is to be as hands-free as possible, this feature pushes the smartglasses even more in that direction. Whenever you receive a notification it will be in front of you. If you’ve installed XE17.3 update you can set this up in settings, or calibrate it, to be more precise. Note that this i labeled as an experimental feature though.

glass glance notifications____

Do you own Google Glass? How do you like the latest update?

SOURCE: Google