Wallaby’s personal finance come to Pebble in new app


Wallaby recently rolled out their latest app, a personal finance client designed for Pebble smartwatches. Available for free in the Pebble store it complements the Android and iOS apps with handy features. Within two clicks a user can best determine which card should be used for a particular place or category. It’s also quite simple to view all of your connected credit card balances and how they’ve been used as of late.

Wallaby for Pebble doesn’t attempt to duplicate all of the functionality of the Wallaby App for iOS and Android. It streamlines the financial decisions in real time, creating a new user experience in the process.

Wallaby for Pebble is free but requires a Wallaby account. To install Wallaby for Pebble, please visit https://www.walla.by/pebble.