Want a different smartwatch? Back Moment on Kickstarter


All of us like innovation, we like new technology and probably even cheer for the underdogs from time to time. Well, here’s your chance. Moment Smartwatch is on Kickstarter and even though it already exceeded its goal you can still pledge $188+ in order to get the first units which are to ship in January.

What’s Momentum Smartwatch all about? Well, it’s a smartwatch which has a 360 degree screen which wraps around your wrist. Sonds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, it is! The device should have a 1.73″ display with a resolution of 320×240 with 16 shades of grey and a QWERTY keyboard with a number row. The chip within the watch will be a Instruments Tiva C series, which is based on Cortex M4 design from ARM. The device will work with both Android and iOS devices, so no worries there.

moment smartwatch kickstarter_1

For more info visit the link below. What do you think of the concept, would you buy something like this? Or did you pledge already?

Source: Kickstarter