Watch This App: Attopedia


So you’ve got an Android Wear device and now you’re looking for some Android apps to go along with it. We’ve got you covered. Our Watch This App column is designed to help educate readers in the various apps available for the platform and highlight the best of the bunch.

Watch This App: Attopedia

Long gone are the days of purchasing a set of encyclopedias to use for research, education, time-wasting. With the rise of programs like Encarta in the 90s and then online destinations such as Wikipedia in the 2000’s, we’ve got instant access to all of information we could ever hope for. And, with the advent of Android Wear, that info is close at hand. Literally, you can now access Wikipedia with your smartwatch.

By splitting Wikipedia entries into grids, users can scroll up, down, left, and right through topics. It’s not as good as simply breaking out a computer or even your smartphone, but it can be handy.

So in this project, I’ve thought more carefully about what the “smart watch internet” should look like, and designed a (hopefully) more intuitive, 2-dimensional grid-based interface for browsing Wikipedia. Although future implementation details of this type of UI may vary, it’s something we need to start thinking about now.

[pb-app-box pname=’net.dheera.attopedia’ name=’Attopedia for Android Wear’ theme=’light’ lang=’en’]