September 3, 2015

Watch This App: Chrono Watch Face


So you’ve got an Android Wear device and now you’re looking for some Android apps to go along with it. We’ve got you covered. Our Watch This App column is designed to help educate readers in the various apps available for the platform and highlight the best of the bunch.

Watch This App: Chrono Watch Face

A great blend of both analog and digital clock faces, this app presents the time, smart watch battery level, and device battery level in one screen. And, rather than just giving users a straightforward clock, this one has an active screen that moves with the seconds. Those worried about screen burn-in need no fret; the watch is constantly moving.

Once the screen goes dim the background actions suspend and only restart once the screen is awakened. Users can toggle between 12 hour and 24 hour clocks and the sliding battery indicators keep things always changing.