Watch This App: Wear Hotspot


    So you’ve got an Android Wear device and now you’re looking for some Android apps to go along with it. We’ve got you covered. Our Watch This App column is designed to help educate readers in the various apps available for the platform and highlight the best of the bunch.

    Watch This App: Wear Hotspot


    If you like to tether to your phone then Wear Hotspot is the Android Wear app for you. Tethering is great and can get you out of tight spot when you’ve got no WI-Fi nearby, but it can also be a bit of a chore to get you phone, swing through all the set up and get it switch on before you can even get connected. The developers behind Wear Hotspot have looked to make this process a lot nicer by using the greatness that is Android Wear.

    All you have to do is simply install a companion app on your phone , this does the business end of setting up the hotspot when required, then get the Wear Hotspot installed on your Wear device and you’re all set. Now when you need to tether, all you gotta do is press the big blue WI-Fi button on your wear device and that’s it –simple.


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