Watch This App: Wear – Stay Awake


    So you’ve got an Android Wear device and now you’re looking for some Android apps to go along with it. We’ve got you covered. Our Watch This App column is designed to help educate readers in the various apps available for the platform and highlight the best of the bunch.

    Watch This App: Wear – Stay Awake

    Hey, wake-up !! Android Wear is revealing a ton of new ideas for app developers to get their teeth into and one of those ingenious creations is an app called Wear – Stay Awake.

    The idea of this app is to help drivers stay wake on long journeys and it does this simply by getting your Wear device to vibrate at set periods of time, hopefully to stop you nodding off behind the wheel. All functions for the app are controlled from your Android Wear device and can be activated by saying “OK Google start Stay Awake” and selecting the time interval on the countdown timer, when the timer reaches the end your device will start to vibrate.

    No doubt that Wear – Stay Wake will become way more useful over time so get it installed and let us know what else you have found it useful for.

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