Watch This App: Wear – Stop Smoking! for Wear


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    Watch This App: Wear – Stop Smoking! for Wear

    Breaking a habit is never easy no matter what it is but trying to quit smoking is one that is harder than most and any help to achieve this is always welcomed, even something as simple as a reminder on your wrist.

    Stop Smoking for Wear hopes to give you a gentle reminder on how well you’re doing once you’ve decided that you’re done with smoking by giving you a progress report that is displayed on your smartwatch. The report gives just enough info to keep you motivated and includes the duration since you quit, how many cigarettes you’ve not had and probably the most important figure that will keep you away from the smokes, which is how much money you have saved by quitting.

    The Wear app needs an accompanying phone app to set up the info needed to get the progress report and it will only work on a square-faced watch.

    If you’re quitting smoking or thinking about it then this could be a really helpful tool to help you out.

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