WatchMaker Watch Face Review

Build the watch face of your dreams


WatchMaker watch face is a custom design tool that allows you to create and share your own watch faces, with a satisfying a deep collection of features.

Developer: androidslide

Cost: Free ($3.99 premium version)


If you’re anything like me, you find it hard to pick a watch face for your smartwatch and really commit to it. I change mine with the wind and have had trouble really falling in love with any of them. That’s where WatchMaker really shines, allowing you to finally have watch face to be proud of.

WatchMaker Watch Face is an app for Android and Android Wear that allows you to create and share custom watch faces from your phone. It’s very intuitive and allows you to make some truly original designs that you can tweak and swap quickly and easily.

Set up on your Android Wear device is simple, just download the app to your phone, and allow it to sync to the watch. Then, just set the watchface to the WatchMaker face, and you’re all set to customize your own watch face or download one of the included ones.

WatchMaker offers a surprisingly deep toolset for editing and if you spring for the $4 premium edition, you get even more. In the base version, the app gives you a bunch of tools and widgets to add to your face such as indicators for battery and weather. It even lets you set gifs and custom images, making for some truly expressive watch faces.

But, spring for a couple of bucks and the premium version gives you many more including text effects that really add some punch to whatever text you want to put up on the face. Drop shadow and glow, in particular, are my favorites to play with.

You can create something fun and unique in minutes or spend hours tweaking and perfecting an epic design, either way the face you make will be great to look at and feel truly “yours.”

The app offers pre-made and community featured watch faces as well, if you aren’t the creative type. Many of these are fantastic looking, and some do their best to emulate traditional watch faces. I do wish there was more on offer here than just the few presented, but at least the few on hand are decent enough that I would consider using them.

The app’s faces are compatible with any device, and WatchMaker even provides a tool to show the progression of time so you can see your creation in action before you set it on your watch.


I really enjoyed using WatchMaker, and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple yet rewarding app to make their own watch faces. It has depth and flexibility in its suite of creation tools and the amount of unique, functional and stylish designs you can make with them are limited only by your desire. Definitely worth a look.

Download WatchMaker from the Google Play Store