Wear Aware app will let your Android Wear watch warn you if you get too far away from your phone [Watch This App]


I don’t know how often do you forget your phone, but it did happen to me a few times. Now I basically have a habit of taking it everywhere with me so I don’t forget it that often, but I do know people who do that all the time. Well, if you have an Android Wear smartwatch (or plan to get one) we have just the app for you.

Using this app is rather simple, you visit Google’s Play Store, download it and it will install the necessary components to your Android Wear smartwatch. Once connected you’re good to go. This app will let you know when your bluetooth connection between your smartwatch and your smartphone is lost and will then¬†make your smartwatch¬†ring and vibrate three times in order to warn you.

It is always good to have an app like this if you tend to forget your smartphone or if you’re afraid someone might steal it. This is a very smart use of your smartwatch that we’ve already seen on some other wearable platforms, like Pebble for example.

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Source: Google Play Store