WearBucks (Pay for Starbucks) brings Rewards payments to your wrist [‘Watch’ This App]


If you’re like us then you’ve got a strong relationship with your coffee and Starbucks is your establishment of choice. Sometimes we’ll get our fix every few days, others it seems we’re there daily. One thing is for certain, however, we’ve been using our Rewards card to earn freebies.

A few years back we graduated to using the mobile apps so we can add money and make payments without carrying an extra card around. Things get even more convenient now with the rise of Android Wear-powered apps that can do the same thing.

WearBucks, currently in beta, is one such app that lets users pay for their drinks by using their smartwatch. Once you’ve got your card set in the app and selected as your default then you are a mere voice command away from payment. Yes sir, you can say, “OK Google, start Pay for Starbucks” and you’ll have a barcode displayed in no time.

If you happen to download this app and have any feedback, please let the developers know your thoughts. The more the community chips in, the better of an app experience we all get in the end!

‘Watch’ This App is a regular series of articles designed to showcase apps and games which Android Wear owners might be interested in checking out. Updated roughly once per day, it’s our way of alerting readers to cool ways to get more from their smartwatch.

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