We will see a HTC smartwatch introduced at NYC event


With most vendors jumping on the Android Wear wagon and already showing off what they have to offer, including the likes of Motorola and LG, it doesn’t take too long to notice that there is one manufacturer missing from the list.

HTC have yet to announce or even hint at any plans to release a smartwatch, yet they have been listed as an Android Wear partner. The only reason to hint at an upcoming product is to discourage consumers from purchasing over products released before it, and therefore wait for that offering. So what’s the reason not to hint at an upcoming product?

Well, it’s simple – if your upcoming product is being released shortly. And it just so happens that HTC have an event in NYC where they are introducing the next generation HTC One, and you can bet a nice accessory to go along with that nice shiney new flagship device is a HTC smartwatch.

Watch this space.